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Author: Kate Harper
10/20/2009 | | | Feature
Hey, guys! Guess what? Stephen Harper really likes the arts!

The Globe And Mail published the Harper family's road trip playlist on Friday, and it includes The Rural Alberta Advantage's "Edmonton." Now, before you start going, "OMG, is Stephen Harper a closeted indie rock fan?" please bear in mind that the rest of the disc includes songs by Willie Nelson, Bob Seger, Steppenwolf, Tom Cochrane, Quiet Riot and... Nickelback. The songs were chosen by everyone in the family.

OK, so Harper's wife, Laureen Harper, says the couple's son, Ben, is to blame for Nickelback's inclusion, but still. The Rural Alberta Advantage in amongst all that? Is the only reason they're on there because the word "Alberta" is in their name?

"These are all songs that we have on our iPods," Laureen Harper, the PM's wife, told The Globe And Mail. "My husband and I have 4,000 songs and 10 days of music on our respective iPods.

"When we start any road trip, we always start with Willie Nelson's 'On the Road Again' and finish with The Beatles' 'The Long And Winding Road.'

[FYI: A tax evading, long haired pot smoker and psychedelic, peace advocating, speed freak, cokehead, heroin addicts, respectively.]

"The best laugh we ever had though was when Rachel was one and Ben was four. For a joke, Stephen put on 'Highway To Hell,' and when we turned around the kids were sitting in their car seats with their heads bopping along to the music.

"It was one of those magical family moments that we still laugh about, and it meant that from that moment on we got rid of all our children's music CDs and enjoyed our music as a family."

Last week, Harper appeared with cellist Yo-Yo Ma to perform The Beatles' "With A Little Help From My Friends" at a gala in support of the arts. Shortly afterwards, public polling showed Harper at 41 per cent popularity, the highest its been in ages.

In case Stephen Harper wants to show up at a Rural Alberta Advantage show, here are the band's upcoming dates:

Nov. 11 Hamilton, ON @ The Casbah
Nov. 12 Ottawa, ON @ Zaphod Beeblebrox
Nov. 14 Kingston, ON @ The Grad Club at Queen's University
Nov. 18 Montreal, QC @ Club Lambi
Nov. 20 Toronto, ON @ Lee's Palace
Nov. 21 London, ON @ Call The Office
Dec. 11 Austin, TX @ The Parish
Dec. 12 Dallas, TX @ The Cavern
Dec. 15 Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Theatre
Dec. 16 San Francisco, CA @ Bottom Of The Hill
Dec. 18 Portland, OR @ Backspace
Dec. 19 Seattle, WA @ Vera Project
Jan. 8 New York, NY @ Terminal 5 w/ Passion Pit


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