Author: Chad Grischow
09/04/2009 | | | Album Review
They may not have worked too hard on finding a clever name, but Canadian trio The Rural Alberta Advantage spent their time fine-tuning their alluring sound instead. The trio take a less is more approach, but do not lack for passion. The distant tattered sound of the beats conjures a picture of a drummer sitting in front of maybe three drums and a high hat, but it hurts your arms just to hear the frantically thumping beat of "Luciana" and tumbling goodness of "Drain The Blood". Surprisingly charming, "The Air" is a laid back acoustic love song that succeeds on the songwriting and quaint music.

From the strummed lovesick angst of "Edmonton" to the foot-stomping "Rush Apart", Paul Banwatt's easy-going, raspy vocals sound right at home in the dusty acoustic tones of the band. It is the homespun flavor of the sound that holds it all together. Even at their loudest, as on "The Dethbridge In Lethbridge", it sounds like they are in your living room with the cranked-up amp knocking pictures off the walls. The gooey melodic hook of "Frank, AB" is driven home by a pulsating beat and glistening riffs for a standout listen among an album full of fantastic songs.

Seek: "Frank, AB", "The Dethbridge In Lethbridge", "Don't Haunt This Place"


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