Author: Andrew Phillips
07/06/2009 | Flavorpill | | Feature
Toronto-based rockers the Rural Alberta Advantage mine the erratic tropes of skewed Canadian pop acts, while mimicking wistful country classics and the buzz of lo-fi icons Neutral Milk Hotel.

It's freaky music for old souls. Accessible even when it's spinning into the outer reaches, the band's heavy buzz melts over yelping, country-tinged vocals, as horns and guitars squeal to high heaven.

The boat is sailing, but there's room on board. The group's self-released debut, Hometown, is already a subterranean success, but with a Saddle Creek reissue out this week, now's the perfect time to call yourself a convert.

The three have paid their dues. The trio met while co-hosting an open-mic night to which nobody else showed up. The night went bust and the venue became a donut shop but the Rural Alberta Advantage were born.


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