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Author: Cam Lindsay
07/02/2009 | | | Live Show Preview
So what is the Rural Alberta Advantage? Well, according to Nils Edenloff, it's a philosophy his brother came up to describe the finer, simpler side to growing up in the land of gas and oil. It's also the name of the band the singer/guitarist shares with drummer Paul Banwatt (also of Woodhands) and keyboardist/singer Amy Cole.

Oddly enough, they came together at an open mic night in Toronto as an outlet for Edenloff to address his homesickness for the province he left behind. A few line-up changes, gigs with friends like Henri Faberge and the Adorables and Ohbijou, and a self-recorded/released EP later, the band were primed to move to bigger and better things.

Their debut album, aptly named Hometowns, first premiered at gigs in early 2008, sold at merch tables during gigs and eventually via, as part of its eMusic Selects series. And on July 7, the band will see a proper home given to Hometowns, thanks to Saddle Creek Records (Bright Eyes, Tokyo Police Club, The Faint).

Full of wistful referencing (i.e. "The Dethbridge in Lethbridge," "Frank, AB"), the album is a postcard written to home sweet home in the form of rapid-fire rhythmic fits, mopey melodies and folk-infused indie rock idiosyncrasies last heard by the godlike Neutral Milk Hotel.


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