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Author: Tom Haugen
07/01/2009 | | | Album Review
Already a well known, critically acclaimed indie rock outfit in their home country of Canada, The Rural Alberta Advantage are reissuing their debut disc 'Hometowns' on the almighty Saddle Creek record on July 7.

What began as an open mic outlet for singer/songwriter Nils Edenloff's plaintive folk songs quickly turned into a band after drummer Paul Banwatt joined him to host the open mic night. The two, along with Amy Cole, moved on past the open mic night, eventually becoming one of the most talked about bands in their province of Alberta. Live spots on MTV Canada and word of mouth about 'Hometowns' ended up seeing the band selling out large shows in their country, though still without a record deal they self released their record.

'Hometowns' is a collection of lo-fi, jangly fok/rock numbers with a tint of country. Pretty straightforward, well written, no gimmicks- just stripped down songs. The songs themselves are memorable, well composed and vary from indie-lite to occasionally more aggressive. But what really drags you in, what will leave you putting this on repeat all day, is the amazing percussion. The drumming here really illuminates the songs, carrying the listener from beginning to end in amazement and awe.

A perfect smattering of melody and rhythm, male and female vocals, keyboards and acoustic guitar, The RAA are destined for fame beyond Canada as 'Hometowns' will go down as one the best releases of 2009. Not just indie/folky record number 18191, this is incredible in every respect.

For fans of: Neutral Milk Hotel, Blind Pilot, Yo La Tengo


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