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Author: a.a.
With so much music out there it is easy to get lost or forget about things you've been listening to but haven't shared. Well, as I think through my favorite musical moments and records of 2012, I realized that I had overlooked discussing the three albums below that I quite enjoyed. And, as the end of the year will bring a roll out of lists filled with countless acts you might not have heard in 2012, I didn't want these guys to be forgotten or lost in the shuffle.

Enigmatic and Eclectic: The Mynabirds' Generals generals_cover
Based in Omaha, Nebraska (home of Bright Eyes (Conor Oberest), Saddle Creek Records, and Warren Buffet), The Mynabirds are the brainchild of Laura Burhenn. What you will notice from the outset is Laura's vocal similarity to a number of other deep-throated, soul soaked singers who also released records this year, like Fiona Apple, Aleksa Palladino (of Exitmusic), and Natalie Bergman (of Wild Belle). But, whereas I found those albums disappointing for their lack of variety, Generals is curious blend of thrashing rock songs ("Generals"), a pleasant blend of bluesy folk numbers ("Disaster"), and some clever hybrid numbers. Check out the fusion of the muzzled lo-fi vocals blended with a ragtime piano lines on "Radiator Sister" or the more adventurous electronic starting "Disarm" that transforms into a pastiche of 60s era doo-wop with Caribbean percussion. It's a quirky eclecticism that makes each track feel like a new adventure. And, of course Laura's voice which is haunting and intoxicating at the same time.


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