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Author: Kevin Coffey
11/15/2012 | Omaha World Herald | | Live Show Preview
It's been a big year for the Mynabirds.

The band's song "Generals," and all its thump and riffy guitar, built buzz for the band led by Laura Burhenn.

When the album, also called "Generals," dropped, people responded. Critics called the set of protest songs moving and a "call to arms." Even Pitchfork generally quite mixed on Saddle Creek releases gave it a respectable 7.5 saying the record "retains the pop smarts (and Biblical undertones) of [her first album], reshaping them into a timely form of righteousness."

Now, after a successful year that's included a tour with the New Pornographers' A.C. Newman, the band's ready for its last show.

"I'm really excited," Burhenn told me on the phone from Oregon. "It's funny because as far as the tour goes, we've gotten in this really good rhythm."

As far as I'm concerned, the band's been on top of its performances since early this year.

A spring tour full of the band's new material brought tons of fans even though "Generals" wasn't released until June. From there, it's been a long year. Burhenn's looking forward to some time off to spend at home with her dog.

First, there's a show Saturday at Slowdown. It will be the band's last of the year and Burhenn wants it to be a big deal.

"I have a feeling we'll play every song we know," she said.

What's next? Burhenn will be writing some new songs. Her next record will be another concept album, something she laughed about and added that she can't seem to do anything else.

The theme?

"I'm gonna write a whole record of sad love songs and I also wanna make it a makeout record."

I'm pre-ordering my copy now.

* * *

Read my full interview with Burhenn on my blog, Rock Candy.

She talks more about 2012, her next record and the band's upcoming release of its "Body of Work" 7-inch vinyl single. (Awesomeness: It's cover folds up into an origami horse.)


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