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04/19/2012 | | | Feature
It's a holiday celebrated by few, but those few treat it like Christmas morning. In fact, some might consider it better than Christmas morning: Record Store Day. Since its inception in 2007, countless vinyl enthusiasts have woken up on Saturday morning, no less to patrol the streets in their pajamas, eventually taking up real estate outside their favorite record store, all in the hopes that they'll snag priceless soon-to-be artifacts that, more or less, give them bragging rights. It's relentless, it's addicting, but it's pastime.

Consequence of Sound looks forward to the third Saturday in April each year. It's a holy tradition that we hope will continue for years and years on out. It's also slightly arduous. Every new Record Store Day offers more exclusives, more variety, and more choices. It's a daunting task to assemble even our own personal shopping lists, let alone a complete guide. Fortunately, we're not the only experts on this matter, so we decided to turn the tables some. We asked 38 artists what their personal pick this year was, slapped all the responses together, and labeled it a guide voila. Our advice is as follows: Read, take some notes, but be nice to your wallet.

See you Saturday.

The Mynabirds (Laura Burhenn)

Record: The Mynah Byrds "It's My Time" / "Go On And Cry" (7_ vinyl, limited to 700 copies)

Why: Our pick would clearly be the original Mynah Birds' 7_. I'd like to think that our homage to/thieving of their name helped aid a revival!

The Mynabirds will release the title track from their upcoming album, GENERALS, for Record Store Day. The 7" features silk screened sleeves that are hand stray painted and numbered by band leader Laura Burhenn. The covers are available in 5 different paint colors and limited to 1,000 copies on black vinyl.


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