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Author: Max Blau
03/26/2012 | Paste | | Feature
Some professional musicians actually studied music in college. But many others chose majors that had nothing to do with their current careers. Either way, it seems that most ended up taking something away from their college experience—whether it was how to perform, cook, secure favors or practice the art of shamanistic ritual.

We spoke with 20 musicians about where they went to college, what they majored in and how they put those educations to use. See how members of OK Go, Suckers, The Mynabirds and other acts remember their post-secondary education.

College: The Catholic University of America

Major: English Literature (minor in Music) I spent my first semester freshman year as a Piano Performance major, the second semester as a Music Composition, then changed majors after I realized I wasn't ever going to be a classical musician.

Favorite Class: On the Road: Poetry and Rock of the South. Our professors put us in a 15 passenger van and drove us all around the South. We read Faulkner, listened to a lot of Allman Brothers (even stopped by the Big House for a visit) and R.E.M., and saw Big Bill Morganfield (Muddy Waters' son) play at a tiny blues bar. It was really my introduction to being in a touring band.

How have you used your major since graduating college? Everyday. Though I'm not sure how much money it's netted me over the years…


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