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Author: daneGER
02/22/2012 | | | Record Review
"Generals" is a protest song laden with politics, frustration and ire. Singer/songwriter Laura Burhenn has something to say, and you're going to listen dammit! No really, "Generals" is so catchy you'll be listening to it over and over again. I almost feel bad wanting to dance to the song.

"Generals" is a song built around a low, chugging thump, spiked with hand claps and foot stomps, and it's carried by the calm and cool voice of Burhenn. It's a call to arms, with Burhenn singing "with your black boots on/beat your marching drum." Burhenn is clearly past the stage of talking, and "Generals" does a fantastic job kicking off what I can only imagine will be a very passionate album with a lot to say. I'm certainly looking forward to listening.


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