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What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood

Author: Melanie Sims
04/27/2010 | Associated Press | | Album Review
Laura Burhenn delivers an amazing debut album as The Mynabirds the singer's new solo project, following the breakup of Washington, D.C. indie rock group Georgie James.

Burhenn blurs the lines between rock, blues and soul to create a sound with texture. The disc is a mix of uniquely unpolished songs that range from the boisterous "Let the Record Go," with its roaring piano, to the slow and earthy title track, "What We Lose in the Fire."

"We are lost without each other as we make our way back home. Another road leads together, still we make our way alone. And I got something I don't wanna lose, but I'm learning to let go of you," Burhenn sings in her husky voice.

Her lyrics are thoughtful throughout the disc, and she creates a mood that is in some places light and sunny, such as on "Ways of Looking," and contemplative and gloomy elsewhere, such as on "Right Place."

Burhenn pushes words and music to their maximum highs and lows to create 10 emotionally charged, and impressive, tracks.

CHECK OUT THIS TRACK: Water seems to be a consistent theme on the album. On "Wash it Out," Burhenn extols a life philosophy that begins, "Too much common sense will leave a bad taste in your mouth so wash it out, wash it out, wash it out."


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