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What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood

Author: EmilyT
03/22/2010 | | | Album Review
We know Laura from Georgie James, of course. Good things are happening for her, including the upcoming release of her solo debut album on Saddle Creek Records. Her new project is under the name The Mynabirds (the name, incidentally, is ressurected from an old Motown Records band that included Rick James and Neil Young). Laura's album, however, includes an array of more contemporary guest artists, including fellow local Tom Hnatow of These United States.

The Mynabirds's album What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood hits streets on April 27. In the meantime, download the track "Numbers Don't Lie," below. The track features a charming arrangement of clunky piano and strings with a bit of a retro feel. Definitely a good and promising preview for the full-length album.


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