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Lovers Need Layers

Author: Dave Mandell
05/01/2004 | | | Album Review
The Good Life re-invent themselves yet again with their new EP, Lovers Need Lawyers.

From the start of the project (the brainchild of Cursive singer/guitarist Tim Kasher), The Good Life has been a vehicle for Kasher's more personal writings; a statement which Cursive fans might find a bit odd, but is true nonetheless. As such, their previous records were built around the guitars and vocals, along with a heavy assortment of electronic rhythms and beats and a wide variety of instruments.

It seems now that TGL has finally become a band; with a slightly altered line-up (down to a four-piece, with Roger Lewis and Ryan Fox returning and the addition of Stefanie Drootin [Bright Eyes, Azure Ray, Consafos]), Lovers Need Lawyers seems to suggest that they are now a straight out rock and roll outfit, with some light touches of lounge stylings in the vocal and rhythm section areas. From the opening track, "Leaving Omaha", we are exposed to a very, very different Good Life, one with an extremely successful mesh of styles, emotions, and creative elements (which even allow me to forgive the derogatory reference to Portland in the third verse). It rocks and/or rolls through five more tracks after that, each seeming to grow off the previous, and all leaving the listener drooling for the full-length, due out this fall.

Though it is difficult to pick a highlight, I'd have to go with the title track, "Lovers Need Lawyers", which finds standard analytical Kasher lyrics with Doors-esque keyboards and classic rock guitars and drums. It is a simply brilliant combination of words and music.

One warning: on first listen, I wasn't really sure that I even liked the record. It is VERY different than you expect it to be if you are familiar with the band at all; but by third listen I was hooked, and by tenth listen I found myself singing along to the happy sounding, angst ridden tracks. So far the highlight of 2004 for me, Lovers Need Lawyers comes highly recommended for angry people of all ages and genders.
Lovers Need Layers

Lovers Need Layers

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