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Black Out

Author: Troy Wood
01/05/2003 | | | Album Review
Top 10 of 2002:

Yet another home run for the folks at Saddle Creek. Let me state on record that I don't think Burn & Shiver is their best album, and that November and their self titled debut were much stronger releases, but that's like saying one Picasso is better than another Picasso-- they're both still breathtaking pieces of art. Ethereal female vocals and minimalist piano and guitar riffs that stretch off into infinity, oh my yes! If this band doesn't instantly make you want to make you cuddle up safe and warm with a pretty member of the opposite sex (or whatever your choosing) while storm clouds rage outside your bedroom window, then you're either a tone-deaf eunuch or older than Strom Thurman's grandma.
Black Out

Black Out

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