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Black Out

Author: Camille Pia
09/11/2002 | Kerrang! | | Album Review
Magical second release from Bright Eyes touring partners.

Don't fall for a Nebraskan kid. Like fellow Omaha citizen Conor Oberst, The Good Life's Tim Kasher staggers from alcohol-fuelled heartbreak to paranoic f***k up. This beautiful shambles of a record starts with Kasher slurring over a simple acoustic guitar on 'Black Out', along with snatches of electronica, post-screaming fit Robert Smith-alike vocals, scorched guitars and tales of unsteady existence somewhere in between.
'Baby i quit' he mumbles down a phoneline peppered with discordant tinkling pianos and guitars on 'Empty Bed' before shrieking 'Grit your teeth, they like you happy' at the close of 'The New Denials' jolting chorus. In Tim Kasher we have a faltering voice of woozy wisdom for the failed romantic in us all, a drunken valentine thats hard to resist.

Black Out

Black Out

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