Black Out

Author: Didier
10/02/2002 | Matamore | | Album Review
It seems that in this second half of 2002, the coast of Mike Mogis as a producer and sound engineer are somewhat descended. The last albums to have passed between its hands leave an opinion at the very least mitigated: The Gloria Record, Mayday, Desparecidos or My Little Cheap Dictaphone. This second album of The Good Life will not defy the rule. It is in all points lower than the dSuvre head who one was Novena has nocturn in 2000, but the cause of the lunic nest production of nothing person in charge here.

The Good Life is "lautre project" of Tim Kasher, in addition singer guitarist dune of the formations headlights of the American scene emocore, Cursive. The Good Life had appeared following laccumulation by Tim Kasher of more pop pieces which do not nentraient in the repertory of its group. At the time of lenregistrement of Novena there is Nocturn, kind of best of of all these pieces, various musicians had taken part, like his comparse of Cursive, Clint Schnase with the battery, Todd Baechle de The Faint with the keyboards and producers A.J. and Mike Mogis via a whole series dautres instruments.

Following the success of this formidable album, Tim Kasher assembled a true group to turn, compose and record a second album. Are from now on part, the beater Roger Lewis, Jiha Lee (Bright Eyes, Sorry About Dresden) with the keyboards and the flute, Landon Hedges (Desaparecidos) with low and the multi-instrumentalist Ryan Fox. Very an other group, very an other step for a rather different product, plus rock'n'roll quavant and much less melody, hooker, single, intimate and concerning.

Broadly one floats in water never foreign with Saddle Creek, between first Good Life, Cursive, Bright Eyes or Mayday. Black Out much less single or specific that Novena one has nocturn, more banal, less gracious, less is musicalement distancie. The first feeling is a rejection but it is necessary sy to make and all well nest not to be forgotten here, a sorting simpose. One is annoyed certainly thus one needs saccommoder dishes quon is useful and are all the game is worth the candle, because Black Out remains quite higher than lalbum indie American means.

Lalbum souvre with Black out, plus introduction that true piece, rather near musicalement and vocally to Bright Eyes, but Tim Kasher is far dêtre a clone, rather a double, a more pop brother and less folk of Conor Oberst, so much their origins and musical careers are sum very close and parallel.

No the doubts, The Beaten Path is really a good song which does not naurait odd on Novena one has Nocturn, the kind of tube whose Tim Kasher has the trademark, under high influence Smiths/Cure but modernized with this post-emo touch cordial and this mixture desprit lo-fi and of electronic rates/rhythms.

Some Bullshit Escape which follows is pleasant, the beautiful and rather poignant melody and, but arrangements one rather tendency to lead and saturate, rather than to emphasize lemotion. The piece would have gained much to adorn rather clothes slowcore or delectronic light than of senliser in simple indie pop guitar.

This rhythmic electronics which makes the brightness of the first album, it is back on the very beautiful ORourkes, 1:20 a.m. which functions with leconomy of means and the atmospheric passing, emphasizing thus well better the side coming up of the song of Tim Kasher.

A guitar, a piano, a line of battery and the song make Early Out the gate a beautiful and stripped song unfortunately then weighed down by, one second an useless voice, flute and some electronic sounds. There one recognizes unfortunately the tendency to lexcès of sound layers already met in dautres albums produced by Mike Mogis.

The New Denial sounds also soft, like old man Mercury Rev without the planing side. Odd, there was matter to better make. Not that the result is bad, the piece is pleasant but sounds too much like made in Omaha not seeking dechappatoire.

With lecoute of foreseeable I Am year Island one will lultra wonders well why Tim Kasher left side all the immediate and revolutionary aspects of the first album for vautrer in this facility. Drinking With The Girls can be seen in the same way as lSuvre quelquun which lives on its assets and ceased wanting to convince, of very beautiful hidden passages but, ever put forward.

Ah if all could sound restricted and essential as on After ORourkes, 2:10 a.m., saxer songwriting& But very often one falls down in lindie approved pop-rock'n'roll. Empty Bed passes the slope thanks to local receipts and an electronics chosen well, but that one and some others are not enough to light the disc. Dont Make Love So Hard for example passes without problem, pleasant but of anything outstanding.

Fortunately, a beautiful nugget comes to awake the end of the disc, a Off The Beaten Path typically Novena one has Nocturn. The songwriting and the talent of Tim Kasher are indeed intact, there is just that the ingredients used here are not the best. One will hope for a start for the next album.

Black Out is thus a good album, but not a very good album. It remains that Novena one has Nocturn is an immense dSuvre head as well as the Letting off the happiness of Bright Eyes or that the first album of Owen. There is extremely to bet moreover that if you listened or if you go lecouter, Black out will follow inevitably.


Black Out

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