Album of the Year

Author: Jonah Bayer
09/01/2007 | Alternative Press | | Album Review
The story remains the same—and we wouldn't have it any other way.

The most common complain about Charles Bukowski, arguably punk rockers' most widely read author, is that he only has one story: went to the bar, got drunk, got laid/got in a fight. Cursive and the Good Life frontman Tim Kasher has lots in common with Buk—and not just because he name checks him during the album's title track. It's because on Album Of The Year, Kasher tells essentially the same story, but does it in such creative and ingenious ways that, like Bukowski's prose, it never grows old. Musically, Album Of The Year is equally captivating, with organ-driven rockers like "Lovers Need Lawyers" and "Notes In His Pockets" mingling seamlessly with melancholy ballads like "You're Not Your" and "Inmates" (Kasher's heartbreaking duet with former bandmate Jiha Lee). But like Kasher's moods, even the slow songs often explode into a mess o lyrical barbs and last-call hysteria or, in the case of "Under A Honeymoon," a full-fledged horn section. Like most good thematic albums, or films or books, for that matter, it's hard to pu tthe pieces together on Album Of The Year, and just when you think you've go the narrative unraveled, you'll rediscover another lost passage or double entendre. But even if Kasher's story remains the same, you won't ever want to stop listening to it.

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Album of the Year

Album of the Year

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