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Help Wanted Nights

Author: Jonah Bayer
09/01/2007 | Alternative Press | | Album Review
When the Good Life released their last disc, Album Of The Year in 2004, selected copies were accompanied by a collection of demos. And while the skeletal songs lacked the dynamics of the final versions, this stripped-down setting displayed what an amazing songwriter Tim Kasher had grown into. Unfortunately, Help Wanted Nights is reminiscent of those demos in the sense that while the album has occasional moments of brilliance (such as the tender "Share of Men"), most of these songs sound like underwhelming sketches instead of finished products. Although the band nearly redeem themselves with the 10-minute "Rest Your Head," one is still left with the feeling the band have run out of ways to tell the same tales of alcohol addiction and small town depravity. Apparently, Help Wanted Nights is based on a screenplay Kasher wrote earlier this year; for his sake, let's hope it translates better to the silver screen.

2 1/2 stars.
Help Wanted Nights

Help Wanted Nights

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