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Help Wanted Nights

Author: Matt Fink
09/01/2007 | Paste | | Feature
The Good Life
Tim Kasher's Top Five Heartbreakers

As a songwriter who's spent the last 15 years illustrating every shade of angst and anxiety, Tim Kasher is an authority on heartbreak. Having recently relocated to L.A., leaving behind the Omaha, Neb., indie-rock community he helped define with Cursive and side-project The Good Life, his musings still linger with the desperation of small-town America. That's where the latest Good Life effort, Help Wanted Nights, is set. It's the musical counterpart to a play (and subsequently a screenplay), an account of a man whose car leaves him stranded at an out-of-they-way diner where he becomes a bit too acquainted with the locals. Appropriately, the first single is titled "Heartbroke". Kasher recently shared his favorite heartbreak albums with Paste.

1. PJ Harvey: Rid of Me
"There are a couple things I have always said about this record: One, it rocks way harder than any Sepultra/Metallica/Neurosis kind of thing. And, two, I'd hate to be whoever she's screaming at."

2. Leonard Cohen: Songs of Love and Hate
"I would recommend this to anyone in the mood to wallow in their sadness for a while, but if suicide is in any way an option, I would hid this record with the knives."

3. Janis Ian: Between the Lines
"I've never heard a record more bitter and forlorn than Between the Lines. It's nuts how brutally upset she seems, and brilliant how well she translates it into music."

4. Portishead: Dummy
"I remember driving up and down the snow-covered streets of Omaha, listening to this record repeatedly and getting really bummed. I listened to this record so much it inspired me to buy a drum machine and write the first Good Life record.

5. Damien Rice: O
There's something about Damien's approach that initially made me not want to like this record, like all the sappy elements James Blunt pilfered and made a bajillion bucks from. But the more I listened, the more I loved this record. It's really great, and really sad, and I became further in love with it as the soundtrack to Closer, one of my favorite films of late."
Help Wanted Nights

Help Wanted Nights

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