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Help Wanted Nights

Author: Emily Zemler
10/03/2007 | AM New York | | Live Show Preview
Tim Kasher is best known for his role as the volatile frontman of art-rock band Cursive, often overshadowing what he does in his second band, The Good Life, a collection of musicians who make more intimate, folk-inspired songs. But for Kasher, who is often consumed with the work Cursive does, The Good Life's records usually just slowly evolve out of nowhere.

"I initially started writing it a few years ago," he says. "Probably three years ago, but in a very relaxed way. I didn't have much direction for what I was doing. Once we decided to put out another record, I started writing much faster -- really buckled down to do the album. In the stripped-down setting of what it is now and the folk-ish sounding stuff, I wasn't really planning on having certain songs. But they came out anyway while writing, so I put them on."

The Good Life, whose new album, Help Wanted Nights, was recently released, takes a much softer, less aggressive tone than Cursive. The difference in both moods and tones in his two bands is actually somewhat intentional, according to Kasher.

"There's a certain amount of me recognizing different facets of my personality with the band," he says. "The Good Life has a laissez-faire attitude, while Cursive employs more of the guy who's still fighting, still getting up off the couch and trying to do something about it. These are very vague descriptions, but that's the general difference."

How does Kasher, who is still very much involved in Cursive, balance the two acts?

"I don't intend one to take precedence," Kasher explains. "To be honest, Cursive often does. I don't mean them to and we try to be fair about it. But in any kind of relationship you often need some semblance of dominance."

The Good Life At Bowery Ballroom Thursday. 8pm, $15. With Luke Temple and Erie Choir. 6 Delancey St at Bowery (J, M to Bowery; B, D to Grand St); 212-533-2111.
Help Wanted Nights

Help Wanted Nights

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