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Album of the Year

Author: Bart Schaneman
09/29/2004 | | | Album Review
Tim Kasher kicks ass. Not only does he lead a badass rock band (Cursive), but he's got a side project (The Good Life) that's better than most front projects, and he mainly just uses it for creative dumping.

The Album of the Year destroys my initial misconceptions of The Good Life. The first album, Black Out, had its moments, but they were spotty at best and I often felt like The Good Life only ever came into the world because Cursive beat so much ass.

But I was wrong. Stupid, bullet-in-the-head wrong. Kasher and friends make some sweet, sweet songs on this record. The title track is Kasher at the most articulate, most narrative, most imagistic I've heard him. "Notes in His Pockets" has been on repeat so often the construction workers that have been fixing my street for the past two weeks know the words.

A lot of it is similar to the slow, bluesy, motion-sickness pills of the first album; and they left out the best song from the EP, but there are a few songs (read: Jenny Lewis-Kasher duet on "Inmates") that rank at the top of any Saddle Creek greatest hits. If these are the songs Kasher discards, I'd dive in his dumpster any day.
Album of the Year

Album of the Year

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