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Album of the Year

Author: Adam Gnade
09/19/2004 | | | Live Show Preview
Tim Kasher's main band, Cursive, is a dead serious growl of emotional rock, an unrelenting double guitar dive-bomb that leaves you beaten and drained. Candid lyrics and a deluge of distortion take you to the mat.

That said, his side project The Good Life, named after the Nebraska state motto, is his chance to chill out.

While Cursive brings the bombastic Fugazi riff attack, the Good Life might drop a folk song or a Cure-style electro-ballad. It's still serious music, and Kasher's alcoholism is still a recurrent theme, but you get the feeling that things aren't so life and death.

Kasher's latest Good Life release, "Album of the Year" (Saddle Creek), doesn't quite live up to its title. But the good moments are many and the great ones make up for the album's iffy spots.

The band's last full-length, "Black Out," was dark, mellow synth rock. This time around Kasher goes a little poppier and more radio friendly, closer to his band's excellent debut "Novena on a Nocturn."
Album of the Year

Album of the Year

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