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Lovers Need Layers

Author: Peter A. Holden
08/21/2004 | | | Album Review
What is the one thing that a precursor EP (yes, I am coining this phrase) achieves? Makes us yearn for more. Lovers Need Lawyers does just that. And whether or not I like the title track, it will stick with you and you'll wake up singing her. It's just that poignant. In fact, most of this disc has this same effect: undeniable memorability.

It's silly to beat around the bush and pretend that I am not going to make any comparisons to Cursive. So I'll come right out and say it. Cursive fans I am speaking to you. If you want to pick up some of The Good Life simply because you feel your allegiance to Tim Kasher requires it, then by all means here's your sampler. It's a great little disc of pop gems, strangely cohesive for an EP (which as we all know often means you're getting a random assortment of b-sides). It even concedes and gives you what you expect from Tim Kasher when it comes to a good rocker. Referred to as "The Good Life's one punk song" (TK, Maxwell's 7/21/04), "Friction" is that song Cursive fans want to hear. Energetic and fraught with patented Kasher howls, it does the job nicely.

The best-of-all on the disc, "The Entertainer," is a prime example of Tim Kasher at his most self-deprecating. A darkly comedic reference to his own lack of ego, it refers to those who play for drunken fools to make money, but who are by no means "artists." Well Tim, we're those drunken fools, so if it suits you to claim you are no artist then by all means, keep non-artisting all over us.

A nice way to tide over fans eagerly staring toward The Good Life horizon, Lovers Need Lawyers concludes leaving the listener waiting but satisfied. Can't wait to hear what happens when the sun finally comes up.
Lovers Need Layers

Lovers Need Layers

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