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Album of the Year

Author: Kaleb
08/16/2004 | | | Album Review
"I always fall in love too soon, caught beneath the glow of the honeymoon" aches Tim Kasher on "Under a Honeymoon", just one of Album of the Year's twelve exceptional tellings. Join the fucking club (current members include Owen leader Tim Kinsella and honorary treasurer Jerry Fels). ".. Honeymoon", the third track on Album of the Year, the Good Life's third and best album to date, delves into beautifully atmospheric regions that Mojave 3 have crafted in the past - but is one hundred-plus percent a Tim Kasher creation.

From the initial moment I was led to the classic that is, and always will be, Novena on a Nocturn (2000; Better Looking) - I had the feeling this relationship could go somewhere [if you have yet to hear "Golden Exit" I fear you may not have yet lived]. Don't hate Tim Kasher because he can turn a moment of despair into a glorious 4-minute anthem (see: "Needy", "October Leaves"), actually - don't hate him at all. Can't you hear this injured young fawn needs a little time & nursing, as he speaks of the tomato soup his lover used to bring him on "October Leaves". If you are in a relationship that is nearing it's last gasping days, knowing a girl like the side character on "Notes In His Pockets" ( she ".. falls to the floor / says I'm feeling sick of sweet & pure - 'take me now' I'm yours" ) could save your life - but not your marriage.

Let us not overlook the 9+ minute anthem "Inmates" that, like an angel from the bluest of the skies, is delivered like a whisper by former Good Life / Bright Eyes beauty Jiha Lee. As a lone acoustic and a slow approaching swirl of ambience (think a very sad train moving at the speed of a turtle) near, Jiha (later joined by Tim and a full band) reveals "now your a wolf in second-hand clothing, I'm the sheep in a pleated skirt / it's an awkward form a payback, but if it works for you it works". Oh goodness, it is entirely a song you will want to play at your divorce hearing - and giggle the entire time you are sweeping away your tears.

Any of the twelve creations on Album of the Year could sum up on a mix-tape how your relationship has, of late, become quite stale - but I think the album as a whole sums it up best: Love is for Losers. A huge amount of respect to the entire Good Life cast and it's producers / engineers (the Mogis Brothers) - you have over-exceeded all expectations I had for this album.

It's easy to end the review with this, but by damn I'm going to do it - The Good Life. Album of the Year.

"she said she'd never seen someone so lost, I said I'd never felt so found".
Album of the Year

Album of the Year

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