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Author: Laura Sylvester
08/13/2004 | | | Album Review
Cursive front man Tim Kasher unplugs and shows his softer side on the fourth release from side project The Good Life. From the opening lines of the title track - "The first time that I met her I was throwing up in the ladies room stall" - Kasher grabs our attention and holds it with his knack for self-effacement, humor, and economy of prose. By the end of these 12 songs about a relationship in various states of disrepair, you'll feel as if you spent the evening sitting next to a good friend on a barstool.

Kasher sings in a tone ranging from world weary resignation to full-on anguish, carving space on the confessional bench next to friend and label mate Conor Oberst. The sparse arrangements suit the mood perfectly and the occasional use of jazzy saxophone, piano, and bongos rounds out the palette. Lyrically, Kasher lets the details paint the picture and his ability to toss off seemingly effortless melodic hooks makes one wonder just what kind of water is in Saddle Creek.
Album of the Year

Album of the Year

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