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Danse Macabre Remixes - ASC83269

Author: Cory O'Malley
06/25/2003 | LA Alternative Press | | Album Review
Nearly two years ago, when The Faint put out "Danse Macabre" on Saddle Creek, there was a lot of consideration of a coalescing dance-punk sound that incorporated a mix of punk rock and danceable beats, and there's still a lot of talk about it. The Faint's version of this stuff is kind of stiff and a little too serious. Whereas the Liars or The Rapture undoubtedly came to the music via post-punk, The Faint seemed to have arrived via the gothic side of new wave. Weirdly, we've arrived at a point in post-punk in which the remixes (that still even sounds a little like an oxymoron) often come off looser than the originals. From the go, Thin White Duke's version of "The Conductor" puts things in proper disco order, and "Your Retro Career Melted," remixed here by Ursual 1000, links the song's elastic bass line to an incredibly catchy synthetic cowbell that takes the song way beyond its original capabilities. Faint fans will appreciate some of this and be annoyed by the rest, but listeners who may have initially dismissed The Faint may want to reconsider.