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Blank-wave Arcade

Author: Shawn Abnoxious
03/01/2001 | | | Album Review
Cable I.V. drips....

Hmmm. Interesting. Omaha? Is there an insurgence there? I got this record purely by look alone. I seen it. Havent heard of it. Bought it. Just like the good old days; im talking pre-license here, like when my Mom would drive me to the Camelot Music Superstore for me to buy TAPES. Yeah, I said TAPES. I remember one time-- and you must bear with me here. The Stock markets dropping like The Mir and Im getting nervous. Nasdaq is MY market and Ouch, the technologies are a-hurtin! It took about two years for the Dow Jones to raise comfortably above the 10,000 mark and it took less than two weeks to bring it back. Anyway, So this one day my mom took me to Camelot Music Superstore so I could drop $8.99 on a tape. The store clerk wouldnt let me buy The Exploited tape "Live at the Whitehouse" because it had a parental advisory on it. I had to drag my Mom from Pier One Imports to get the tape for me. She called the store manager stupid. My Mom rules.

I love you mom.

Despite the fact you ACCIDENTLY backed your car into Dads Monte-Carlo too. Im mean fuck, you do something like that then laugh?

Mom, your the fucking greatest!

The Faint. Omaha. Mix SOFT-CELL, HUMAN LEAGUE, NINE INCH NAILS (early "Pretty Hate Machine era"and MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO.... Then you got the Faint. They remind me of CHALK, a local Cincinnati Neoteric centerpiece, but you know what? Chalk has more of what this band needs. Guitars. Noise. Angst. BALLS! I like this LP, dont get me wrong. Its just too polished. They need to listen
to more PYLON. They need to listen to more SERVOTRON. I EXPECT that this band have a pretty lethal stage pressence though. I mean you punk two synths, drums and a bass thru most sound systems and a set of vocalist thats caught up in the moment wiht the crowds and BAM! You gots the energy and the force and The BALLS that I think this LP should have captured. Its not like Im
picking on The Faint or anything either. I feel the same way about THE SELBY TIGERS "Charm City" LP too.

Two synths, bass and drums. Thats pretty much what the Screamers had to work with.

I am guessing when I say that I see the future for this band and like The
Selby Tigers (that name sounds like a veritech Squadren out of Robotech dont it) their second LP WILL be LESS-Produced and given a raw element that will give the band the bite that this LP should have had.

MILEMARKER. If you like THEM you might like this.

THE COMPUTER COUGAR. If you like THEM you might like this (really though, I hear NO comparisons to Gang of Four on this LP so be forewarnde).

The Faint ARE Neoteric but Im placing them on a probationairy status. I mean i hear in my head how this band SHOULD sound. I think that are hearing the same thing too but just dont know how to bring it across. One word of advice: embrace minimalism.

Blank-wave Arcade

Blank-wave Arcade

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