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Blank-wave Arcade

Author: Angelo Madrigale
09/27/2000 | Fright X Magazine | Album Review
THE FAINT take your ass way back to the days when fm radio burst at the seams with the likes of HUMAN LEAGUE, Thomas Dolby, THE THOMPSON TWINS, and the zillion other British synth-driven rock bands. The good thing is that this isn't simply a throwback based in a revisitation of style for style's sake - the songs fucking rock.

Blank-Wave Arcade opens with "Sex Is Personal," a very BLUR-sounding pop song, then goes into "Call Call," which could have been on DURAN DURAN's Seven And The Ragged Tiger (ironically the first record I ever purchased - age nine). "Cars Pass In Cold Blood" sounds a bit like ANIMOTION's "Obsession," yet has an aggressive PIL electro-dub-throb.

I'm assuming THE FAINT aren't British, but they sure as hell sound like it, which only makes me love them more. It is a rarity to find a band on the independent level with songwriting skills this mature and competent. THE FAINT bring a sense of punk urgency to a foppish, dated synth sound. They sound like BAUHAUS at some of their greatest moments, or better yet, some coked-up sociopathic PET SHOP BOYS looking to shiv TRANS AM. Trust me, you've never heard synthesizers come at you like this before, all cranked up and confrontational. God bless 'em, THE FAINT wanna kick your ass Gary Numan style.

FRIGHT X Senior Writer & Copy Editor
Blank-wave Arcade

Blank-wave Arcade

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