Blank-wave Arcade

Author: -DK
09/01/2000 | Zeen Magazine | Album Review
Wow, The Faint have made quite a departure from Media, which hinted at the synthetic new-wavy pop that Blank-Wave Arcade
absolutely crawls with. All kinds of whizzygigs and buzzing electronics have crept to the forefront of this Omaha band1s sound,
making it one of the funnest indie bands out there these days. Even the lyrics have been pushed up a few notches, as instant classics
like 3Worked Up So Sexual2 demonstrate. While not as out-there and random as Solex, The Faint have created a similar vibe
that1s fun, yet interesting as hell as well. Blank-Wave Arcade is one of those rare treats that stimulates the brain and the dirty
parts. Recommended!
Blank-wave Arcade

Blank-wave Arcade

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