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Blank-wave Arcade

Author: -ES3
02/17/2000 | Glass Eye | Album Review
three eyes

This solid record is very new-wave in a Blondie-Silicon Teens kind of way, yet kind of moody and quirky at the same time, meaning The Faint don't reserve themselves completely to that kitschy '80s-sound 100% For one, their lyrics (for the most part) are dynamite, especially "Worked Up So Sexual" ("Smaller tits and younger limbs can cause a fit of rivalry"), which eventually deconstructs into a Nine Inch Nails breakdown before bouncing back into the world of happy synth. In fact, unlike sterile themes of the 80's and more akin to the brooding Reznor, the Faint echo through fully with sex on their collective (divulging) mind in most songs, courtesy the despairing strains of Todd Baechle. They're almost like a meaner Split Enz with better equipment and sensibility (and I sure as hell couldn't see these guys in skinny ties!).
The record's highlights include the phat and lumbering "Call Call," the introductory "Sex is Personal" and "Cars Pass in Cold Blood", which absolutely rips the lids off!
Oh, and they get bonus points for being from Nebraska and not being 311 or your typical emo-band!
Blank-wave Arcade

Blank-wave Arcade

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