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Danse Macabre (Deluxe Edition)

Author: Matt Howard
12/26/2013 | | | Live Show Preview
Every fan of indie had their own catalyst whose unique music drew them into the world's most diverse genre. There's a single band that each one of us can identify as their first sip of the indie punch. My story began right before entering high school. As a kid from the Jersey Shore, I was introduced to the wild array of amazing sounds that were emanating from the far away lands of Omaha, Nebraska. I ate up everything Saddle Creek Records released, in particular, I was enamored by the sinister electro tunes of The Faint.

After over a decade of fanboy madness, I was finally given a chance to see the founding fathers of "dance-rock" live at Terminal 5 earlier this month. The band whose music encouraged me to install a bass system in a 1997 Saturn; the band that thrusted my exploration of indie music; the band that helped kick-start my career - I was finally seeing them live. Recently, The Faint released the Deluxe Edition of the 2001 classic Danse Macabre, and to celebrate the reissue of their most popular album, the band toured performing it in its entirety. It was like being forgiven for being too young to attend their shows during the group's heyday.

It was everything that I had always imagined - a grippingly loud dance party. From the T5 balcony, I saw a floor alive with bodies throwing themselves to the pounding beat. They played every song off Danse Macabre as well as tunes from other classic albums like personal favorite, "Worked Up So Sexual" from Black-Wave Arcade. Musical technology has progressed tremendously since their early releases, and witnessing them working with the latest tools was like an evil genius getting his hands on the launch codes. It was well worth the wait.