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Danse Macabre (Deluxe Edition)

Author: Todd Fink
11/06/2012 | | | Feature
So, for starters I should say that The Faint is just coming back from a hiatus. I was totally burnt out on song-based music and was quite happy to indulge in the new underground electronic styles that were emerging. I listened to and DJ'd electronic/instrumental stuff almost exclusively for years…until now. Something changed. A switch has been flipped. I'm super psyched on song-based music again.

This mix is a song-heavy hour of current favs, early influences, bands we're excited to be touring with (Icky Blossoms, Trust), and even one from my wife's new band (Harouki Zombi)…

Todd Fink of The Faint, 'Needle Exchange 113 – Time Rider':
Giorgio Moroder, "Einzelganger"
Phedre, "Aphrodite"
Bot'Ox, "Theme From 'Mineurs 27_"
The Presets, "Youth in Trouble"
Soft Cell, "Insecure Me (Heat Remix)"
Grauzone, "Eisbär"
Charlie, "Spacer Woman"
The Tear Garden, "Romulus and Venus"
Kap Bambino, "Rise"
Beak>, "Yatton"
The Cure, "A Man Inside My Mouth"
The Human League, "Crow and a Baby"
Icky Blossoms, "Forest"
Harouki Zombi, "Objet Petit A"
Trust, "Candy Walls"
Brainiac, "Fucking With the Altimiter"