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Danse Macabre

8/21/2001 | The Independent Weekly | | Album Review
This is a kind of funny thing from the independent I thought I'd pass along where they take some random guy (this time a Duke Philosophy professor in his 60's) and have him listen to a bunch of new music. They call it a musical makeover.

Here's a link to the whole thing:

Here's what the guy says about the faint:

The Faint, "Ballad of a Paralyzed Citizen" (Saddle Creek)
Melodic, melancholic post-modern music from Omaha (courtesy the Saddle Creek folks).
Think '80s synth-pop with a now attitude. Haunting, yet über-danceable.(This track elicits a smile from Sanford.) "The singer per se is not very distinctive, but the scoring of the piece, the relation of the singing to the music, is more complex and interesting: They showed respect for one another. The classical orchestration, from cello to synthesized noises, gives the song variety and makes it more listenable. I especially liked that the voice is scored like another instrument." Grade: A-
Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre

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