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Danse Macabre

Author: addam
09/25/2001 | | | Album Review
group: the faint
album: danse macabre
label: saddle-creek / 2001
stars: 3 1/2

the faint have come a long way since they played lo-fi pop under the name 'norman bailer'.
current members todd baechle (vocals, synthesizer), joel petersen (bass), and clark baechle (drums) have been with the band since the norman bailer days. jacob thiele (keyboard, synthesizer) joined the band toward the end of '98 adding a darker mix of new wave electronics to the band for they're transitional release blank-wave arcade. member dapose (guitar), of the defunked death metal band 'lead', joined up in january of '01. with the
addition of dapose and jacob the faint fused the bands diverse musical backgrounds to produced the dark-synth pop album danse macabre.

with the release of danse macabre the faint have continued to mature toward the early 80's new wave sound. the faint's catchy lyrics and electronically fused sound has driven them up the cmj top 200 chart to #3, right below bjork and stereolab.

danse macabre starts out with a heavy drum beat accompanied by a menacing guitar riff. followed by a synth fueled electronic explosion of dark keyboard beats and the ultimate death metal scream known to mankind. danse macabre's opening track agenda suicide couldn't have laid the ground for this album any better.

the next couple tracks set the mood for some serious robotic dance moves to be let loose reminiscent of the 80's movie 'breakin'.

then, more than likely my favorite track, let the poison spill from your throat, hit's your ears with flavorful booty shakin' beats with 80's style le cheese on the lyric "baabbyy".

the next track, your retro career melted, spotlights a robotic sounding todd. a guaranteed crown pleaser. The remaining two kids who aren't dancing by the time they play this at a show will no longer stand in they're corn holed security guard stance, but rather will get funkier than a drunk monkey.

the track posed to death brings repetitive lyrics bound to get you jumping as if you we're at a onyx show. Not a personal favorite of mine, but a great beat for those of you who are dance challenged.

probably the most acclaimed track on the album the conductor brings all the sas you've grown to love about the faint's lyrics combined with heart racing rhythms. if i had to guess i'd say this is probably one of the funner songs for jacob to play. multiple keyboard breaks with mesmerizing synth beats.

bringing it down a notch with lyrics of death, disillusionment, and murder.. the track violent puts you in a state of disarray, then transitions into an upbeat video game sounding beat. saving you for one more track...

...only to be put back into that state of disarray, adding a touch of tragedy to the mix on the track ballad of a paralyzed citizen. the cello in this song doesn't really help your dancin' mood either.

just like sex this album takes you to a state of ecstasy, caps it off with a feeling of bliss, and brings you down with the tragic realization that it's over. oh well, anyone want to listen to the faint?
Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre

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