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Wet From Birth

10/24/2005 | | | Feature
They came all the way from Omaha to sell out and play Times Square. For Camel! They offered them twice as much as last time, so they obliged and performed a Vegas style variety show with burlesque dancers . We weren't really sure what to talk about, but it turns out one of these dudes, that goes by the name Dapose, is into Death metal.

Rad Company: So before you were in the Faint, you were in a metal band. Tell me about that.
Dapose: Yeah, well it was called Lead.
R.C. - L-E-A-D?
D. - L-E-A-D, yeah. Like the metal. I was singer, bass player. We were together for five or so years.
R.C. - Did the Faint steal you away?
D. - No, I umm..ultimately quit because I fealt like I wasn't...I felt like I was limited by doing that kind of music... well, by one particular close minded person in the band.
R.C. - What did Lead sound like? What kind of metal were you guys into?
D. - It was sort of like Cryptopsy or something like that. Gorguts.
R.C. - Is that like Death metal or Black metal?
D. - That's like really brutal Death metal. Like constant time changes...
R.C. - Are you still into that?
D. - Yeah! Oh yeah...I have new side project called Precious Metal that's just me and I play basically Death Metal riffs and I program, like, kind of fucked up electronic music.
R.C. - Like drum machines and stuff?
D. - Yeah, and synths. And I kind of filter it and it's not just like a Death Metal band without the band, I...
R.C. - What about it is Death Metal? Is it the music or the lyrics?
D. - Well, lyrically, it has nothing to do with Death Metal or Black Metal. If anything it's more just..I don't know.
R.C. - How did you take that and then adapt that to the Faint?
D. - I think it's just like...there's a lot of ideas in metal music that sort of go all over the place. Like progressive music. And it's also sort of like classical music influenced and Todd is really into that.

R.C. - So you don't really preach or sing about burning churches?
D. - No, I'm not really into it. That's part of the reason why I quit the band, was because I felt like metal music was extremely limited by its negative thinking.
R.C. - The feeling is good though! That's what I like, the feeling, but...
D. - It's not that it's not a good way to get out aggression, but it's kind of like, "what are you so pissed off about?" If you meet 90% of the people in Death metal bands, they're really nice people. They're nicer than indie rockers.
R.C. - Well, I think that when you're younger, you actually do feel that way. You might actually believe in the kind of idea that the world is fucked up.
Clark Baechle - And as you get older, you just keep doing it because it's the kind of band you're in, even though you don't feel it anymore?
R.C. - Right.
D. - There's no difference between that and someone who's in to country music and has a country way of life, works on a farm. It's like that's their "thing". Like Death metal and Black metal dosen't have a"thing"; it's fantasy. It's escaping all of that and that's fine.
R.C. - You don't think like early Black metal like Burzum or Mayhem... like killing the singer and all that kind of stuff. That was kind of real.
C.B. - But they did that because of the lyrics probably though.
D. - Well, I think that those bands are sort of mentally challenged in a way. Most of those people are racist and negative because they don't have anything else to do and it's like "fuck that". I don't know, I'm not really into it, I guess.
R.C. - But you do like the way the music is?
D. - Yeah, it's like I don't think the music is negative. I think that the lyrics are. And the attitude. And there can be music that is extremely heavy and progressive and challenging to the ear that is ...
R.C. - .. . like some Christian Death metal bands or something?
D. - Well I kind of think that's negative in the same way. ha, ha...
R.C. - Do you feel that you've abandoned it?
D. - No not at all. I was like excited to do different music.
R.C. - Evolve.
D. - Yeah, I was definitely looking for that.
Death (handing out cigarettes) - Why the Camel representation here tonight?
D. - What do you mean? We sold our credibility to Camel for money?
Death - Uh-no! I'm not saying anything...
D. - No, that's a fact. We sold our credibility to Camel.
Death- Well, we could only get halfway past the stage if we signed up for Camel. Do all you guys smoke?
(long pause with moans and uhs)
D. - We're like social smokers. Are you Death?
C.B. - Say hello to the afterlife...
Death - Well ...... yeah.
Wet From Birth

Wet From Birth

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