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Wet From Birth

Author: Adam Roncaglione
09/29/2004 | | | Feature
1. Is Omaha a cool place to visit?

not at all, unless you know the right people. basically in omaha we have to make our own fun. the best parties are house parties. people meet for drinks at whichever bar has the cheapest beer that night. there's not much to do, that's why we all started bands.

2. What's it like being on such a cool label where every single band is really amazing and probably a friend of yours?

it's a good thing. since we all do the same thing, we can all relate that much better. and we can easily offer each other loads of support and encouragement. and we can be very honest critics to one another, though i must admit, we tend to have a bit of pride about anything going on in omaha. we all tend to like everything that everybody does. that probably also
happens because we know each other so well, where we're respectively coming from, you know?

3. Have you ever been cow tipping? If so, what's the best technique?

i hate to burst your bubble, but i think that cow tipping is a myth. animals with lots of natural predators (large and slow herbivores with cloven hooves) tend to sleep only about 2 hours a day at the most. conversely, predatory animals, such as the feline family, sleep something like 18-20 hours a day. anyway, i think cows sleep laying down.

4. If I'm on first and your on second, who's on third?

your grammar teacher, and she's telling you to use the proper choice of "you're".

5. Who would you say has the most musical talent: MC Hammer, New Kids On The Block, Paula Abdul, or Vanilla Ice?

paula abdul. i think that singing takes more talent than rapping, so new kids and her are sort of tied until you break it down to dancing, which is also musical talent, right? hand in hand. anyway, the new kids did the cheesy moves that their choreographer told them to, but for all i know paula was their choreographer! she did that shit! and she was a laker girl!

6. Who was the better TV dad: Carl Winslow or Danny Tanner?

give me a break! danny kept a clean house, but had no patience for the annoying neighbor, kimmy gibler. on the other hand, carl and urkel were like, tight. i guess they tie.

7. What's been the best city to play shows in so far, and why?

well, for us it's our home town. i think it might be the same for every other band in the world, but that's just a theory. i will say that towns where bands don't go very often are far more enthusiastic than cities where everybody sees so many concerts that they're jaded. so those shows are generally more fun.

8. Would you like to play a small, but packed club or a huge stadium?

small club, hands down.

9. What's been the best 3 cds of 2004 so far in your opinion?

it's hard to say at this point. right now i'm into devandra banhart's new album. i heard some of bjork's new album once and it was amazing. i'm definitely going to have to get back to that. anyway, joel said it is the best. david cross put out another one this year. i predict big things for interpol.

10. Are there any other small up and coming bands we must check this second?

small bands suck! however, we played with this band called one two in paris a couple nights of go. they were very small, and i predict they will get bigger, because they were good. beep beep should be checked out this second.

12. If you had to pick, what would you say are the worst 2 movies you've ever seen?

beverly hills ninja and teen wolf too. not that it is teen wolf too, and not teen wolf 2, as in the sequel. no, this is the exact same movie as teen wolf, but it is a different guy/wolf. he is also a teen wolf, hence the title teen wolf too. the people that make stars decided that they could apply the same formula to jason bateman as they did with michael j. fox.
however, it backfired! i didn't see jason bateman again until this year, when i saw him in starsky and hutch and on this show called arrested development, which might be a good show because david cross is on it, and he is the funniest person in the universe.

13. Have you and your band mates ever had a battle of fist-a-cuffs? I wonder how often that sort of thing goes on.

i punched dapose in the face one time it is on the bonus footage of wet from birth.

14. How many slices of pizza have you eaten at one time, what's your record?

i don't know what my record is, but once i saw todd eat 17 slices of alfredo jalapeno pizza at a buffet.

15. Will the Faint be a household name in the near future?

i doubt it.

16. Any chance you will record a new album in less then 3 years time....the wait was pretty brutal?

yeah, we won't fuck around as much this time around.

17. This was pretty all over the place...excuse my retardation. I hope you guys are on TRL by the end of the year. it will serve you right for being so damn good.

Wet From Birth

Wet From Birth

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