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Wet From Birth

Author: Adam Roncaglione
09/29/2004 | | | Album Review
In 2001, The Faint released what would become their masterpiece, their swan song, their claim to fame. It was "Danse Macabre", a freaking awesome electroclash, retro new wave, booty shaking, sing-a-long, brain shaking slam dunk of an album. The year before they released the shockingly short and riske "Blank-Wave Arcade." They proved the critics wrong, those who labeled them a one trick pony, a gimmick if you will. But, in all honesty, how long can you milk this train? I mean Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, OMD, New Order, Soft Cell, Gary Numan and countless others did this 10 years ago and have for the most part gone the way of the dodo. I mean, sure it was fun, and they are obviously talented, but do we need to relive it again? Album after album? It's been done. I'm 24, I'm ready for the electronica revolution that they promised us back in 1996. I'm ready for the future!!! Screw the 80's and all this retro crap...right? Am I right? Well, HECK NO I am totally, 100% wrong. The Faint have done it again, dare I say surpassing "Danse macabre" with their long over due new outing.

So I made the point already, or was beginning to get into it. How do you rehash a genre thats 10 years(+) been dead and buried. Then over the course of 3 albums make it fresher than ever? It's a mystery not easily solved, but why try. The Faint, however in the process of being musical genius's have spawned a legion of shameless copy-cats and clones, hoping to ride their coattails to fame and fortune. Readers beware, just because a band claims to be modern new wave, don't believe the hype, just look to The Faint to find the truth.

The new album is called "Wet From Birth" and is a reference to being wet behind the ears. It has to do with people being naive or immature. How appropriate in these days. You don't have to listen to the radio or MTV long to realize that the youth of today is "dumbing" down every day. So this album is as tongue in cheek as it gets. They managed to step it up a notch on every level. They have even incorporated a beautiful string section on most of the tracks. The opener "Desperate Guys" is an ode to the guy who let's the girl know too early at the party that he's into her, and the chase that ensues. It's pure Miami Vice and all it's shiny Scarface dance club glory. The killer cut on this whopper of an album is the 4th track "Southern Belles in London Sing." They really wail on the violin on this track, it's beautiful. The acoustic guitar strums over the whole song, as the moog-ish keyboard rumbles and he sings melodically of the girl on the plane with her bags all packed. This song is enchanting, and if you can't feel it, I can't help you. This may be a case of aquired taste, and all the 15 year old scr-emo lovers will piss on this. But, I don't think the Faint made this record for them anyway. I'm pretty sure they would consider them "Wet From Birth."



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Wet From Birth

Wet From Birth

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