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Wet From Birth

Author: kaleb
09/15/2004 | | | Feature
Right, like we even thought the Faint were going to fail - that miserable, sob story shit's for the Strokes. Here it is the fall of 2004, and the Faint themselves know it has taken a little longer to present us an actual studio album (collaborations & remix albums aside). Quick check of the tracklisting: Erection.. . Desperate Guys. .. Erection - yes mother, this is the band I was telling you about.

Other than select eye-raising moments that sound like they may have brought Laurie Anderson on board with a trunk of her gizmos (is that a Synclavier I hear on "How Could I Forget"?), this is the Faint further intensifying the wave they just happened to stir up in 1999 with Blank-Wave Arcade (for starters). Strike that, "I Dissapear" is the key track that moves the Faint in another fantactic direction, with the guitar taking the lead and the fuzzed out synth / basslines accenting it. Then there's "Erection", and the fuzz is back like the low-end of an AM radio searching for a signal. Oh Erection. Next time you see these cats live (and I recommend it) - my bet is "Drop Kick the Punks" will be the one track that sets the night on fire. The shortest track on the Birth, checking in at under 3 minutes, it is the stop & go sing-along anthem the kids wait for - ".. what the fuck is this?".

With a formula often immitated but sadly never matched, Wet From Birth proves the Faint are still ripping off the right albums from 25 years ago.. .. . joking.     &nbspFucking Republicans.

Now for my Dave Chapelle impersonations.. . .
Wet From Birth

Wet From Birth

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