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Talking Mountain

Old Gold, Ancient Jamz

320 Kbps MP3 SPY-005-3 (9/30/2008)
Slumber Party Records
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Fancy a bit of the fantastic in your pop rock? Then look no further than Talking Mountain's self-titled EP, an infectious eight track helping from the Omaha duo that is teeming with surreal sounds and images.
Join the band as they trek through a landscape of peculiar entities - dispirited specters, health savvy snowmen, obliging brontosaurus, a dancer named Apple Jacks.

While indeed quirky, the albums overall tone manages to vary heavily from track to track, delivering it from a simple "cute" branding. "Here Comes The Wizard" is a rather low-key affair.

Track List:
1. Here Comes the Wizard
2. The Phantom Arm
3. Applepants / Big City Kids
4. The Abominable Abdominable Snowman
5. The Brontosaurbus
6. Baseball Stars
7. This is Bad 4 U
8. Sad Ghost (Demo)

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