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Let It Rest

CD (w/ MP3) LBJ-052-2 (3/18/2003) $11.00 add to cart
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Let It Rest, the most recent full-length release from Sorry About Dresden, is anything but restful. The Chapel Hill quartet combines the nuanced songwriting of their previous Saddle Creek Release, The Convenience of Indecision, with the anthemic energy of their first two releases, The Mayor Will Abdicate and How The Cold War Began EP. Embracing a rock aesthetic that needs no prefix, but alludes to many (indie, classic, kraut?), SAD shakes off the rock n' roll ennui without giving up the ghost. Recorded by Brian Paulson (Slint, Superchunk, Wilco), Let It Rest captures the immediacy and rawness of their live rock show. Is Let It Rest a call for help? A concept album about concept albums? What needs rest? Will they let it rest? Not likely.

Individual Tracks

PreviewLengthMP3 $.99
1. Beds and Lawns preview » 3:28add to cart
2. The Approaching Dawn preview » 3:06add to cart
3. When You Cared preview » 4:13add to cart
4. This House Unhomed preview » 3:37add to cart
5. Sick and Sore preview » 4:41add to cart
6. Frozen in Mid-Gesture preview » 4:05add to cart
7. Going for the Gold preview » 4:25add to cart
8. Perfect Posture preview » 4:18add to cart
9. Candid Camera preview » 2:59add to cart
10. Once We Had a Word for This preview » 3:47add to cart
11. Relax, It's Tuesday preview » 2:32add to cart
12. The Approaching Dusk preview » 3:37add to cart

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