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Rilo Kiley

The Execution of All Things

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Rilo Kiley's audiences have a strong tendency to fall in love on the spot. Perhaps it's their beaming faces or laid-back, admirable West Coast attitudes. Or maybe it's just their uncanny knack for designing nuanced pop songs and performing them with flair. Maybe it's lead singers Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennet's adorable onstage banter and scissors-sharp wit. Whatever that little something extra is, Los Angeles, CA's Rilo Kiley has it times ten.

Eclectic electric twang meets masterful songwriting on The Execution of All Things, Rilo Kiley's second full-length album. Take Offs and Landings, their 2001 debut on Seattle's infamous Barsuk label, was met with adoration from critics and audiences alike. With Liz Phair narrative sensibility, Bettie Serveert compositional beauty, and Beachwood Sparks sunshine, Rilo Kiley's latest is a lyrically dense treasure that will have you searching for the story behind the evocative songs. In a word, sweeet.

It didn't take much for us to catch on to Rilo Kiley. As one of only a few bands from outside of Omaha to be signed to the label, they've been warmly welcomed. Produced by mainstay Saddle Creek producer Mike Mogis, The Execution of All Things features many of Rilo Kiley's loving labelmates on the album.

We know you'll fall in love with them, too.

Individual Tracks

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1. The Good That Won't Come Out preview » 4:32add to cart
2. Paint's Peeling preview » 3:21add to cart
3. The Execution of All Things preview » 4:13add to cart
4. So Long preview » 5:28add to cart
5. Capturing Moods preview » 3:35add to cart
6. A Better Son-Daughter preview » 4:39add to cart
7. Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight preview » 3:21add to cart
8. My Slumbering Heart preview » 5:37add to cart
9. Three Hopeful Thoughts preview » 2:50add to cart
10. With Arms Outstretched preview » 3:43add to cart
11. Spectacular Views preview » 6:20add to cart
12. Outro preview » 0:04add to cart

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