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Neva Dinova

You May Already Be Dreaming

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Bellows began composing songs for You May Already Be Dreaming two years ago, but he and the band (including Good Life drummer Roger Lewis) were fated to overcome a number of obstacles before the recording process would even begin. First, Bellows realized that he wanted to re-work a number of song ideas on his own following that arduous but exciting process, the band experienced a flood that destroyed portions of their equipment. If that wasn't enough, Bellows unfortunately found himself in a self-described 'barroom tussle' that resulted in the complete and tragic blowout of his left eardrum. Fortunately, he and his ear recovered fully, and Neva Dinova was able to resume recording.

From the spacious guitar washes of "A Man and His Dream" to the sweeping, dusty strength of "Clouds", this is the band's most fluid and realized effort to date. You May Already Be Dreaming was self-recorded in the corner of a friend's warehouse space in Omaha, NE, and later mixed with the help of Ian Aeillo at Presto!, Mike Mogis' recording studio, in the fall of 2007.

Individual Tracks

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1. Love from Below preview » 2:30add to cart
2. Will the Ladies Send You Flowers? preview » 2:42add to cart
3. Clouds preview » 3:38add to cart
4. Supercomputer preview » 2:54add to cart
5. Tryptophan preview » 2:52add to cart
6. Squirrels preview » 2:49add to cart
7. She's a Ghost preview » 3:20add to cart
8. Someone's Trippin' preview » 2:55add to cart
9. What You Want preview » 3:22add to cart
10. Funeral Home preview » 1:18add to cart
11. It's Hard to Love You preview » 2:56add to cart
12. No One Loves Me preview » 2:13add to cart
13. Apocalypse preview » 4:23add to cart
14. A Man and His Dream preview » 4:28add to cart

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