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Mal Madrigal

Life Among the Animals

LP CSMS-045-1 (12/22/2007) $15.00 add to cart

Label: Bocca Lupo Records
Features members of Art in Manila, The Good Life, McCarthy Trenching, and Mayday

After four years and dozens of unreleased songs, Mal Madrigal is celebrating the release its debut twin albums, "Life Among the Animals" and "The Road Is Glue". These hand-screened, 180-gram vinyl records were recorded by longtime Mal Madrigal bandmates, Steve Bartolomei and Mike Saklar, then mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Services. Audiophiles will appreciate the time and care that is measured by each revolution of these high fidelity LP's. Those who threw away their turntables will find a CD of the album packaged inside the records. Both albums feature the wide range of instrumentation and incarnations that Mal Madrigal has assumed over the years.

"Life Among the Animals" presents the more adventurous and moodier side of Bartololmei's songwriting. Each song is etched out by the crackle of overdriven guitar amps and the eerie echoes of vibraphone, accordion, and mandolin. "The Road is Glue" revisits some of the bands earlier work, delivering Mal Madrigal's more tender and affecting side.

Both records, while strikingly separate, present the complete picture of a sound that has gained a following of fellow musicians, close friends, and local admirers over the past four years. With this double album release, the cat is out of the bag. Mal Madrigal would be honored for you to share in one of Omaha's best-kept secrets.

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