Saddle Creek | Stephen Bartolomei With His Comrades | All The Ghosts

Stephen Bartolomei With His Comrades

All The Ghosts

LP CSMS-077-1 (12/24/2013)
Bocca Lupo Records
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Stephen Bartolomei began as a pensive songwriter over a decade ago, performing under the name Mal Madrigal. With the release of his fourth record, All The Ghosts, Bartolomei has dropped the previous moniker, playing under his own name with comrades as an accurate label for the group of long time friends and musical collaborators who join him. Recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, All The Ghosts is the most genuine representation of the musical talent of the band to date.

The album escapes easy categorization, nimbly shifting from lush melodic folk to electrified minor key moodiness. In its spare moments the album is intimate, in its crescendos, powerful. Bartolomei’s voice is compelling yet humble, in service to communicating the song. Flourished with lap steel, vibraphone, piano, and a wide palate of guitar textures, All The Ghosts is a dynamic and diverse listen.

***Features collaborators of Saddle Creek Recording artists; Jake Bellows, Orenda Fink, and The Good Life

Track List:
1. All The Ghosts
2. Faces Made of Clay
3. Wolf Song
4. Tonight We Will Rise
5. Calling On
6. Desert Madrigal
7. That Woman
8. Big Engine
9. Song of the Wind
10. Road Home
11. Weary Blues
12. Pillars Tremble