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Talking Mountain

Mysterious Knowledge/Unknown Colors

CD (w/ MP3) SPY-029-2 (04/02/2013)
Slumber Party Records
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320 Kbps MP3 SPY-029-3 (03/26/2013)
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Talking Mountain was just me once, and I made the album Old Gold/Ancient Jamz by myself, with a few friends here and there, over a period of four years. Talking Mountain became a band shortly after that, and we made the album Nature of Magic/Magic of Nature together, and played shows throughout the Midwest for a few years.

As these sorts of things often do, this band version of Talking Mountain lost its way and disbanded. It broke up and then I got divorced. I wasn't going to make any more music, but after playing a quiet, intimate acoustic show with no microphones or amplification to a room full of polite, seated guests in a venue that generally would not host something like that, I was inspired enough to make another album.

This album is a collection of songs about losing things, things like friends, wives, lives, hope...

These songs are also about gaining things, things like new love, clarity, perspective, hope...

I haven't changed, I'm still me. The weight of existence is heavy. It's difficult to talk and sing about, and it's hard to draw. These songs are fuzzy, but they are also clear. They are transparent, and I hope you enjoy them.

("Jed is the Pilot" is a combination of two Grandaddy songs, used here with permission. Thanks, different Jason. The original songs can be found on the Grandaddy album, The Sophtware Slump.)


CD Packaging:
Embracing appropriate technology, the album comes on a CDR printed in appropriate colors to look like the Moon. It is packaged like a 7” vinyl record with beautiful full color artwork printed on heavy paper stock. Also included are a fold-out pamphlet with information about the album and the words that accompany the music, a series of small, individual photographs taken over the last year, and a one-of-a-kind mystical wooden object, The Ominoptra.

The Ominoptra is a wooden pendant. It is a cross section of a fallen limb from the dying tree that looms over my house, and they are limited to 100 pieces. Each one was sawn from the branch, hand wood-burned, and numbered on the back by me. It is enclosed in a soft velvet pouch and includes a small instructional card as well as appropriately colored hemp string so that it may be worn or tied to something.

Individual Tracks

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1. Introduction (Executive Realness) preview » 0:34add to cart
2. Realistic Feel preview » 3:36add to cart
3. High Five (My Friends Who Are Alive) preview » 3:38add to cart
4. Am I a Water Bubble? (How Do I Know?) preview » 3:24add to cart
5. I Planted My Fingers Deep in the Land preview » 2:25add to cart
6. Here Comes the Wizard (and There's Nothing I Can Do) Pt. III preview » 3:35add to cart
7. New Operator/The Column of Light preview » 3:36add to cart
8. Jed is the Pilot preview » 5:34add to cart
9. Conclusion (False Profits) preview » 1:26add to cart

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