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Talking Mountain

Realistic Feel

320 Kbps MP3 SPY-024-3 (01/22/2013)
Slumber Party Records
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This EP is one song from the new, forthcoming Talking Mountain record, along with the original demo for that song (which I thought was interesting because it really didn't change much). Also included is a "Chilled Out" demo of another song from the new record, "High Five" and two demos of songs that were written by Bradley Unit with some added stuff by me. A dramatically slowed down version of a different version of Realistic Feel that is meant to be played in the background while you do dishes or sit by a tree is included for the patient listener.

Individual Tracks

LengthMP3 $.99
1. Realistic Feel   3:43add to cart
2. Realistic Feel (Demo)   3:58add to cart
3. High Five (My Friends Who Are Alive - Chilled Out Demo)   3:21add to cart
4. It's Happening Now (Bradley Unit + TM Demo)   2:28add to cart
5. Track Shoes/I'd Probably Just Kill Her (Bradley Unit + TM Demo)   2:35add to cart
6. The Hardest Path to Take (False Profits/Slow Jamz Version)   17:45add to cart

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