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CD (w/ MP3) SPY-022-2 (12/18/2012)
Slumber Party Records
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LP (w/ MP3) SPY-022-1 (12/18/2012)
Slumber Party Records
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320 Kbps MP3 SPY-022-3 (12/18/2012)
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After six years of what seems to be an ever-revolving cast, Thunder Power remains the collective musical outlet of a group of friends residing in Omaha, anchored by constant members Alex Boardman, Will Silvey Simons and Ian Simons.

After putting out four EPs (two solo, two split), they’re at long last ready to release their debut LP, Volumes, out this December on Slumber Party Records.

Volumes, recorded at ARC Studios in Omaha, features 11 tracks that capture the band’s musical approach of attempting to reach peak instrumental lushness, all balanced by the off-putting beauty (and sometimes frailness) of introverted songwriting.

Individual Tracks

PreviewLengthMP3 $.99
1. Your Pretty Face   3:08add to cart
2. Foreign Soil preview » 2:55add to cart
3. She'll Come Again   4:11add to cart
4. Winter Lingering   3:19add to cart
5. Night Creatures   3:06add to cart
6. Home Office   3:47add to cart
7. Spiraling Sky preview » 5:38add to cart
8. Bite Marks   3:32add to cart
9. Two Fins   2:59add to cart
10. Look Away   5:00add to cart
11. All The Above   3:32add to cart

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