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Namesake frontman Daniel Pujol lives in a strange world, all the time. Whether in college, on tour, in between jobs, or writing a record, he is getting by and getting weird in Nashville, Tennessee.

PUJOL arose from the ashes of MEEMAW in 2009 to carry on the Nashvillian ideals of DIY and self construction through adeptly crafted songs based firmly in meaningful lyrical content.

UNITED STATES OF BEING continues on with PUJOL’s doctrine of trying hard everyday and ventures lyrically to a place that most contemporaries fail to reach. Addressing the current status of twenty-somethings in America’s present and capturing their shared dispositions, the album throws the brakes on "catharsis," and begs the listener to decide for themselves how to answer the robot's last question, "What is love?" With riff-oriented guitar playing reminiscent of greats like The Replacements and Beetlejuice-esque earworms, PUJOL now sits atop the fringes of the rock and roll and DIY vernacular. 

Individual Tracks

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1. DIY2K preview » 3:13add to cart
2. MISSION FROM GOD preview » 2:19add to cart
3. PROVIDENCE preview » 2:52add to cart
4. KEEPER OF ATLANTIS preview » 2:53add to cart
5. MADE OF MONEY preview » 2:35add to cart
6. ENDLESS MIKE preview » 5:03add to cart
7. REVERSE VAMPIRE preview » 2:35add to cart
8. NICENESS preview » 2:41add to cart
9. BLACK RABBIT preview » 3:33add to cart
10. EACH AND EVERYDAY preview » 2:34add to cart
11. DARK KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR preview » 2:29add to cart
12. PSYCHIC PAIN preview » 5:01add to cart

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