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Azure Ray

Drawing Down the Moon Music Plus Bundle




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Album only also available.

Bundle Includes:
Your choice of CD, LP (+ $3), or CD + LP (+ $7)
Signed 11x17 poster
320 Kbps MP3 album download (w/ the single "Don't Leave My Mind" featuring two b-sides)

It's been nearly seven years since celebrated duo Azure Ray released their critically acclaimed album Hold On Love. It's been a long wait for music fans, but thankfully that wait is about to come to an end. The highly anticipated full-length from Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor was produced by Eric Bachmann (Crooked Fingers) at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, North Carolina, mixed by Michael Patterson (O+S) in Los Angeles, CA and features guest appearances by Andy LeMaster (Now It's Overhead) and Liz Durrett.

Drawing Down the Moon opens to drops of harp wrapped loosely in luscious vocals that wind through a fairytale melody; "Wake Up, Sleepyhead" is a perfect introduction to the record, a lullaby to stir the senses. "Signs in the Leaves" is haunting, a devastating tale of giving up someone you love and then longing for them with your entire being. If heartbreak has ever sounded more beautiful, we have never heard it. The record closes with "Walking in Circles", a track which embraces and envelopes the listener. Subtle but striking guitar finds itself laced through pointed, poignant lyrics on time and emotion, we lament with the passing of time / hoping we never show it.

Track List:
1. Wake Up, Sleepyhead
2. Don't Leave My Mind
3. In the Fog
4. Larraine
5. On and On Again
6. Make Your Heart
7. Silver Sorrow
8. Signs in the Leaves
9. Love and Permanence
10. Shouldn't Have Loved
11. Dancing Ghosts
12. Walking in Circles

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