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McCarthy Trenching

Fresh Blood

LP (w/ MP3) SPY-026-1 (10/11/2011)
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Dan McCarthy has gained tiny notoriety as a competent, affordable sideman (and occasional labor scab) working in a number of bands from the Omaha indie rock scene: Neva Dinova, The Good Life, The Mynabirds, Bright Eyes, et al. But he has garnered greatest obscurity with his songwriting, under the band name McCarthy Trenching. His irresistible pop hooks and sex appeal remain buried treasures, but his wry wit and mordant storytelling are on display in McCarthy Trenching's third (or fourth, depends who you ask) album, Fresh Blood. There's one about the friend who was "smoking a cigarette when [she] figured out [she] was pregnant," one about watching the neighbors move out, a song of imperfect devotion to a friend, a song about a traveling band. There's a story about fishing, a proclamation of love that defies physics (and metaphysics, for that matter), and a musical setting of Philip Larkin's poem "Wants." McCarthy considers it the seventh half of his "Drinking Years" trilogy.

Track List:
1. The Barroom and I (Sure Miss You)
2. Hard Heart
3. You Can Count On Me
4. Oh Nancy
5. Picking At Scabs
6. Theoretical Love Song (with Gus & Call)
7. Wants

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